Aquilegia vulgaris

Save seed from Aquilegias for more blooms next year


Fruit and veg

Culinary herbs

Freeze herbs in an ice-cube tray for portion size storage


  • Set up a capillary matting system to ensure plants have enough water if you're going away on holiday
  • Plant cold-stored potato tubers in large tubs in a greenhouse or cool porch, for harvesting at Christmas
  • Pour water over the greenhouse floor every morning during hot weather to increase humidity
  • Plant up pots with 'Paper White' narcissus bulbs for fragrant indoor displays this Christmas
  • Remove the lower leaves of cordon tomatoes up to the lowest truss, to let more light and air reach the fruits
  • Take leaf cuttings from succulents, such as echeverias, crassula and sedums
  • Start watering dormant cyclamen to bring them back into growth after their summer rest
  • Plant flowering bulbs, such as nerines, lachenalia and veltheimia in pots indoors, for autumn and winter colour
  • Look out for pests and diseases on greenhouse plants, and treat any you find immediately
  • Harvest tomatoes, cucumbers and chillies regularly to encourage more fruits to form
  • Tackle vine weevil infestations by watering pots with a solution of biological control nematodes
  • Shade delicate plants in the greenhouse to avoid sun scorch on hot days
  • Take leaf cuttings from houseplants, including begonias, African violets and Cape primroses
Paperwhite narcissi

Fragrant Narcissus for Christmas


Garden maintenance

Pruning wisteria in summer

Summer prune Wisteria

These beautiful, double-flowering fragrant flowers are the perfect addition to hanging baskets or potted patio plants. Buy 15 tubers, five of each colour (white, red and pink) for £12, usually £18.

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Penstemons in the Arabesque series bear bell-shaped flowers from summer to autumn, in contrast with lance-shaped leaves. Save £8 when you buy 12 plants (three of each variety) for £12.85.

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Daylilies bear masses of elegant blooms for weeks on end and make excellent cut flowers. Enjoy a 15 per cent discount on a range of fantastic varieties.

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